Recommended reading

Just kidding; what do you think this is, educational?

Read along with Ryan

Some other books Ryan has read and liked, in no particular order:

I mean, obviously it’s alphabetical by author, but you shouldn’t take that as an indication of anything other than how I arrange my bookshelf.

  • The Profession of Poet in Shakespeare’s Time and The Profession of Player in Shakespeare’s Time by G.E. Bentley
  • Shakespeare’s Sonnets by Stephen Booth
  • Shakespearean Stage Conventions and Modern Interpreters by Alan C. Dessen and Leslie Thompson
  • Ungentle Shakespeare by Katherine Duncan-Jones
  • Shakespeare’s Sonnets by Paul Edmondson and Stanley Wells
  • The Shakespearean Stage by Andrew Gurr
  • A Companion to Shakespeare by David Kastan
  • Shakespeare’s Lives by S. Schoenbaum
  • William Shakespeare: A Documentary Life by S. Schoenbaum
  • Shakespeare’s Theatre by Peter Thompson
  • Shakespeare & co. by Stanley Wells