stumblethrough: (n) the first full run of a play on its feet, start to finish, usually off-book

We all have things in life that we like to talk about, but aren't sure we should talk about. Some people (me, I'm talking about me) won't talk at all until they feel like an expert.

I am not an expert.

But very few people are! Shakespeare studies are a field that a lot of people know a little about and yet they all seem to speak about it regardless of whether or not they should. You and I, lay-scholars as we are, should be afforded that same privilege.

And so Stumblethrough Shakespeare was born. I don't know what I'm doing, I don't know what I'm saying, and I definitely don't know how to run a blog, but these are all immaterial in the face of blind overconfidence.

DISCLAIMER: Stumblethrough Shakespeare exists mostly as a place for me to a) look very intellectual and important, and b) put all the things my friends are tired of me telling them about. It is not an educational site in any way, shape, or form, and while I can guarantee you the information here is as accurate as I can make it, please god don't take me as any sort of authority. I just like Shakespeare.

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Ryan Long is a Seattle-based playwright and dramaturg with a soft spot for the Sonnets. They are the proud parent of two beautiful plague rats. When not blogging into the void they can be found lurking in darkened theatres, perched high atop an abandoned A-frame, communing with the ghosts. One time they actually saw a ghost, and that was pretty rad.